Flying Frogs Adventure Park

The park is currently closed and will reopen for the summer season 2023!
We will keep you updated

At the Flying Frogs Adventure Park, fun is guaranteed for everyone!

There is a trail for the little ones (from three years old), one for the older ones (from six years old) and another, more adrenaline-filled, for adults and teenagers; then there is the legendary "Big Zip", a long and exciting zip line.

Everyone is provided with a harness and taught how to move around safely on the trails, all of which are equipped with the most modern safety systems, such as the continuous lifeline.

The area, away from busy roads and immersed in green woods and fields, is ideal for enjoying a picnic in total relaxation.

The trails zone, built around the two frog ponds, is always beautifully shaded and breezy.

And your furry friends are of course welcome!