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Flying Frogs ยป Adventure Park

The "Flying Frogs" are the adventure trails in the Alto Garda Bresciano Park. Situated in a natural haven of great beauty, they offer various opportunities to challenge yourself with adrenalin-packed fun for all ages (from the age of three upwards).
From the "angel flight" of the Big Zip to the trail for young children, the park is equipped with the most modern security systems, such as the continuous lifeline. Access to the oasis is free and you only pay for the activities you choose; so you can spend a day immersed in nature, seeing that there are picnic areas, and in season you can use the nearby municipal sports centre with swimming pool and with the possibility to play beach volleyball, bowling and soccer.

Our fourl-legged friends are welcome.

The ticket for the activities also includes a discount on entry to the nearby Park Museum.