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Flying Frogs ยป The trails

For young children:

Kid (green trail) "The mischievous tadpoles": suspended logs, lianas, tunnel of nets. Younger children can practice balance, movement co-ordination, self-confidence and attention - all through fun and games.

From 3 years old:

Junior (blue trail) "The simpering frogs": suspended 5 metres from the ground adolescents and adults can challenge themselves by walking on wobbly logs, with ropes and suspended lianas, using pulleys and safety clasps: it looks like a game, really easy. But then...

Emotion (red trail) "The frogs”: here the adrenalin and enthusiasm that each of us has access to become crucial to tackle the 10 metres in height that separates one platform from the other. Even your stamina is tested, similar to doing exercises in the woods. And this is the workout you need to be able to face with agility...

the Big Zip, or "the angel flight": the long and fast zip-wire’s final bang.